The Book of the Fair, Paul V. Galvin 
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Joseph Cook Mrs. Susan G.Cooke Countess Di Brazza
Director De Witt C. Cregier James O Crosby E. C. Culp
William E. Curtis George R Davis M. H. De Young
Chauncey M. Depew John T Dickinson Mary Lowe Dickinson
Fred Douglass William F. Draper Henry Drummond
Duchess De Veragua Duke of Veragua W. H. Dulaney
Mrs. James P. Eagle P. R. Earling Thomas A. Edison
H. O. Edmunds
Secretary of the Exposition
Enrique Dupuy De Lome The Infanta Eulalia
W. Fearn, Foreign Affairs George W. G. Ferris Kate Field
Marshall Field Mrs. James M. Flower Bishop C. H. Fowler
W. M. R. French Mrs. French-Sheldon Lyman J. Gage
Dion Geraldine H. E. P. Gloukhovskoy
Governor Altgeld
Governor Frank Brown Governor L. B. Morris Governor Pattison
E. R. Graham Elisha Gray General Greeley
J. J. Grinlinton
Special Commissioner for Ceylon
E. R. Grobler
Orange Free State
F. W. Grogan
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