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  LOOKING EAST FROM THE FERRIS WHEEL - Seated in a car of the Ferris Wheel, the scene of the circuit par excellence, was offered as the spectator rose gently above the Midway Plaisance, looking eastward. Here the panorama was essentially as is represented in the engraving, except that in the latter days the famous street was never to be espied so nearly bare of people, and there were times, as on October ninth, or Chicago day, when the picture was pitch black with people. From the eyrie of the Ferris Wheel the mountainous significance of the Manufactures Building became apparent, and it was found that nothing whatever could belittle the chief structure of the Exposition. The stupendous disappointments covered in the abandonment of the Steele Mackaye Spectatorium were to be noted on the left (just out of range of the picture) in a half-built pile of timber and staff that frowned over the Fair. The domes of the Government and Illinois Buildings competed for the attention of the eye. On the left, the secrets of the German Village were broken open, and the straw roofs of the Java Village beyond warned Chicagoans of the danger of fire, and hinted of a calamity that never happened. The circular building on the right, below, held the panorama of the Bermese Alps, and the circular roof and chimney on the left, beyond the first viaduct across the Plaisance, was over the Libby Glass Works. Two viaducts are seen, both of which seriously marred the vista. The Midway at night was bewilderingly bright and exciting.
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