The World's Columbian Exposition, Paul V. Galvin 
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Digital History Collection
Page created: August 26, 1998 Ferris Wheel Moveable Sidewalk Statue of the Republic Statue of the Republic Administration Building Spanish Caravel Illinois Building Art Palace Art Palace, South Porch Southern Colonnade Agricultural Hall Fisheries Government Building Obelisk Transportation Building Golden Doorway Women's Building Horticultural Hall Electricity Building Mines and Mining Building Machinery Hall Krupp's Gun Exhibit Convent de La Rabida Windmills Eskimo Village Viking Ship Fisheries Arcade, Details Western Side of Manufactures Northwest from Government North from Government  Building Pennsylvania New York Eastern Veranda, Woman's Building Horticultural Dome North Lagoon East from Transportation Wooded Island & Transportation Cold Storage Eastern Portal, Administration Captive Balloon The Peristyle Looking East Hunter's Cabin Court of Honor Grand Basin from Peristyle Wooded Island Centre of Wooded Island Statue of Industry Statue of Plenty Chinese Theatre Farmer's Bridge Whaleback Steamshiip South Porch, Art Palace Columbus Quadriga Live-Stock Pavillion